Some musings from KubeCon EU 2021 (Virtual Edition)

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

Overall Thoughts

Technical Sessions

There was also a great related talk about the new Gateway API which ticked a lot of boxes for me, solving some meaningful problems like control of traffic distribution and making the separation between Product Developers and Platform Developers more explicit and managable. Me likey 👍

“Cloud Native means all your resources and dependencies are network attached”

“Cloud Native is a term describing software designed to run at scale reliably and predictably, on top of potentially unreliable cloud-based infrastructure”

Also on the autoscaling point — great to see decent coverage for KEDA, as we’ve recently started using this ourselves after all sorts of problems with our previous custom-metrics autoscaling. So far our experience has been positive, and I really like the potential for scale-to-zero in Kubernetes too

Virtual Conferences

In person I’m way too polite to just up and leave, even if the talk isn’t at all what I was hoping for — although I probably should!



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